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The Stark Choice Before Us: Everything or Nothing At All

All around us is a great battle between the True God and an authentic Nothing, where there is no life.

[VIDEO] Why Lent? Bishop Barron Explains

Why Lent? What does it all mean?

Everyone: Please Stop Praying to the Universe

The universe is a creation, not a Creator.

Suffering, Group Fitness, and Unity

There’s something about moving together that allows our hearts to open up a bit more.

The Martyrs of Florida

The impetus behind the founding of Florida was a legitimate desire for evangelization.

Yes, the Stars Actually Do Tell Us About Ourselves!

The stars in the heavens teach us about our smallness, our greatness, and our Eucharistic mission to the world.

The Glorification of Andrei Rublev

“The Trinity” reveals the richness of the iconographer’s contemplative life and communion with the divine.

How to Say Yes to God, and No to Others

God is a Father, not a dictator.

A Simple Kiss from God

It is what we are here for.

Bishop Barron’s Resources on the Sexual Abuse Crisis

Many people have written to us, asking for resources and commentary from Bishop Barron on the recent sexual abuse scandals involving Archbishop McCarrick, the Pennsylvania grand jury report, and the recent reports from Archbishop Viganò. Here are several from Bishop Barron and the Word on Fire team, along with helpful spiritual resources to provide light during this dark period