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Almsgiving and How to Avoid Being a Goat

As we continue this Lenten Season, follow Rozann Lee to downtown Chicago as she attempts to take an unsteady step beyond a pair of Toms shoes and the annual Operation Rice Bowl.

Our Declining Empathy and Ability to See God

In an age of smartphones and notifications, many of us rely on our technology as a means of comfort, entertainment—even escape. But Chris Hazell argues that this reliance is causing us to miss out on one of the most important things in life: authentic connection.

The Boundaries of Authenticity

Br. Dominic Koester, O.P. offers a reflection on how good boundaries actually increase our freedom and guide us toward our authentic self.

Three Reasons Why I Wear a Crucifix

One of the paradoxes of Christianity is the fact that we hold up an instrument of torture as our sign of victory. Today, Ricky Jones discusses three reasons why he wears that sign.

“The 15:17 to Paris” Is an Uplifting Tale of Ordinary Heroes

Matthew Becklo discusses Clint Eastwood's latest film and how it serves as a spiritual invitation to meet the world’s darkness, whatever form it takes, with the light of life.

The Saint Who Refused to Bow Down to Caesar

Today is the Feast of Saint Polycarp. Father Steve Grunow offers a reflection on this early Christian martyr, the political situation in Rome at the time of his life and witness, and the urgency of his message for Christians today.

Is Busyness Jeopardizing Our Souls?

What can we do to ensure our lives of busyness don’t lead to exhaustion and a loss of self? Chris Hazell suggests we must build into our lives a space for prayer and fruitful reflection.

Let the Past Die!

Today Br. Bernard Knapke, O.P. reflects on a shocking line from the latest “Star Wars” film and the importance of history in revealing our true identity.

The Elements of Rhetoric and Evangelization with Dr. Ryan Topping

Dr. Ryan Topping is Vice President and Academic Dean at Newman Theological College and the author of “The Elements of Rhetoric: How to Write and Speak Clearly and Persuasively.” Today we talk with Dr. Topping about the decline of rhetoric, the interplay between rhetoric and evangelization, and the importance of wedding truth to beauty.

What Makes Hardened Atheists Believe in God?

Almost everyone will encounter a rigid atheist at some point, and we all want to know how it is that we can participate in their conversion. Fredric Heidemann, himself a former atheist, offers four stages hardened atheists generally pass through to come to a belief in God.