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"The Joy of the Gospel" Resources and Book Giveaway

Today we share Fr. Barron's commentary on Pope Francis' encyclical, "The Joy of the Gospel," and we're also giving away 25 copies of the new hardcover edition.

Fr. Barron's Top 6 Resources on Marriage and the Family

Yesterday, the Church inaugurated the Third Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. The gathering will last from Sunday, October 5 to Sunday, October 19, and will focus on "The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization." Today we've gathered the top six resources from Fr. Robert Barron on marriage and the family.

The Poor Man of Assisi

Evangelical poverty. St. Francis of Assisi embodied this way of being "poor" in order to radically live out the Gospel. Father Steve Grunow explains what it means the eve of St. Francis' Feast Day.

Heavenly Fighters

Far from cutesy Christmas tree toppers, Guardian Angels are presented biblically as warriors — fearless fighters for God who are sent to battle evil. We've "domesticated" angels, and often to deleterious effect. Father Steve Grunow shares his homily for today to help us to revere angels for precisely what they are: courageous soldiers for the Lord of Hosts.

The Cantankerous St. Jerome

Today is the Feast of St. Jerome. Father Steve offers his reflection on this holy man, pointing out that, like each of us, his path to holiness did not begin with faultlessness, but with desire.

The Secular Psalms of Sean Rowe

Like the 150 psalms of the Psalter, the 12 tracks in Sean Rowe's new album, "Madman," cover the gamut of human emotion and experience. Rowe’s psalms may be secular, but they’re not profane. Fr. Damian Ference explains.

St. Januarius, Patron Saint of Blood Banks

Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. In the case of relics and incorruptibles, not to mention other Catholic-y things, this very often rings true. St. Januarius, whose feast we celebrate today, is one such case. Fr. Damian Ference gives a riveting account of his martyrdom and the miraculous occurrences surrounding St. Januarius' most famous relic. Update and New Features

It's been one month since we launched the new and improved and the reaction has been overwhelming. But we're not resting contently. Here are several exciting features we just added or will be coming soon.

Faithful Friendship with the Poor and Service as Community

Christians are well aware of the injunction to serve the poorest and the most vulnerable. But how can we so in a way that uplifts their dignity? Fr. Michael Cummins explains through his experiences serving in the Community of Sant’Egidio.

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