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It's been one month since we launched the new and improved and the reaction has been overwhelming. But we're not resting contently. Here are several exciting features we just added or will be coming soon.

Faithful Friendship with the Poor and Service as Community

Christians are well aware of the injunction to serve the poorest and the most vulnerable. But how can we so in a way that uplifts their dignity? Fr. Michael Cummins explains through his experiences serving in the Community of Sant’Egidio.

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Grand Old Names

Today is the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary, when we honor the naming of the holiest of God’s creatures. Ellyn von Huben explores the power of Catholic names including that which belongs to the mother of God.

Jesus in His Most Distressing Disguise

What was Mother Teresa's secret to recognizing Jesus in the poor and suffering, hidden in "his most distressing disguise"? Brandon Vogt explains in an excerpt from his new book, "Saints and Social Justice."

By God's Mighty Arm

Usually only in retrospect can we see how today's defeats set the stage for later and greater victories. But Br. Boniface Endorf, O.P. explains how God's providence always conquers in the end.

St. Gregory and God's Decision

Today is the Feast of St. Gregory the Great. Here, Father Steve reflects on St. Gregory's humble submission to the will of God for his life and God's unexpected response to this obedience.

St. Giles and Care for Creation

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Giles, an earthy saint who became one of the most popular in Europe. Brandon Vogt introduces this patron of ecology.

Satisfying Our Restless Hearts

Today is the Feast of St. Augustine, a very prominent figure in the history of the Church. Fr. Steve Grunow reflects on St. Augustine's own history, his conversion, and the lesson that his witness continues to teach us, the restless seekers of the present day.

St. Monica's Gift to Us

St. Monica’s foremost gift to us, as a role model, is not the tears. It is faith, a faith well lived. We can ask her intercession and, likewise, remember to rely on her most trusted resource, faith and prayer.