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''Braveheart'' and the Need for Heroic Fatherhood

Twenty years ago Mel Gibson released ''Braveheart'', still one of the most inspiring ''guy-movies'' of all time. ''Braveheart'' super-fan Christopher West, who has seen the film over twenty times, reflects on the its rousing call to greatness, especially for men and fathers today.

10 Things I Learned in My First Year of Seminary

Today, seminarian Joe Heschmeyer reflects on the top lessons he learned during his first year at seminary.

Now Available! Fr. Barron's ''2 Samuel'' Bible Commentary

Friends, I'm excited to announce that my new commentary on 2 Samuel is now available. The volume is part of the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible. It journeys verse-by-verse through the colorful book of 2 Samuel.

Behind the Scenes of ''Heroic Priesthood'' (New Video!)

Over 60,000 people have seen and shared Fr. Barron's short film, 'Heroic Priesthood,' created in partnership with Spirit Juice Studios. Today we share a fun behind-the-scenes video of the filming along with some reflections by Fr. Steve Grunow, the CEO of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries.

''Come back! Come Back...''

The theater of Catholicism is the Mass, not us. We're not the star; Christ is. Blogger and author Heather King understands Catholicism in a poignant and beautiful way that strips away all misunderstandings and excuses and cuts straight to the core.

Secrets and Transparency

In the spiritual life, it's crucial to have someone to whom you can reveal your inner struggles and trials, who is either a trained spiritual director, or an experienced priestly Confessor. But how to find one? Dr. Tom Neal explains.

Doubting Thomas and Mercy

We often remember Thomas the Apostle as 'Doubting Thomas.' But as Fr. Michael Cummins reminds us today, Thomas was not a second-rate disciple. He was a man who had been hurt and whose hopes had been crushed, but after encountering the risen Lord, he opened a window into the heart of mercy.

Embracing Reality in Hope

Fr. Tom Hopko — may he rest in peace — responded to a question by a woman who asked whether or not God plays favorites. His answer offers some really insightful wisdom on 'blooming where you are planted.'

NF’s “Mansion”, Suffering, and Effective Evangelization

As a credible, up-and-coming rapper on the national scene, NF is certainly opening up the avenues of grace and dialogue. David Stavarz reviews his latest album, 'Mansion'.

Preaching and Dialogue Tips from Pope Paul VI

The preaching task is rooted in the greater task of the Church’s dialogue with the world. As a servant to dialogue, the preacher shares intimately in this task. Today, Fr. Michael Cummins uses the wisdom of Pope Paul VI to teach us that skill.