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The Anomaly of Being an Anti-Drifter

Today, Jared Zimmerer talks about his conscious eschewing of the drifter-stoner-manchild model in favor of something with a good deal more sanctity.

What Is It That Leads People Into the Catholic Church?

What factors lead to someone becoming Catholic? Fr. Michael Cummins discusses the conversion of his parents, who were led into the Church not by one single experience, but through what Bl. John Henry Newman called “the illative sense,” a capacity to draw together many converging experiences.

Alluring Landscapes

Today, Br. Norbert Keliher reflects on the power of God's creation to inspire a deeper need for the divine.

A Change of Vision

Fr. Barron has said that Christianity is essentially a new way of seeing. Today, Jared Zimmerer teaches us how to attain this new vision of faith.

Giving God Our Full and Undivided Attention

It's hard to pay attention. It's tough to give ourselves fully to the moment before us, no matter what we’re doing, because it often requires turning away from what we’re naturally conditioned to do. But with a weakened ability to focus, we can seriously hinder our relationship with God. Chris Hazell shows today how we can avoid this.

The Lesson of Christ's Baptism

Today, Father Steve Grunow offers his homily for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord and proposes that we understand the extraordinary revelation of this day as the fulfillment of the mysteries of the Christmas season.

The Trauma of the Given

One of the most traumatic, terrifying, and disruptive ideas of our Catholic faith—one that the secular culture pushes against fiercely—is an idea that we may overlook...precisely because it is so close to us. Today, Holly Ordway reflects on the difficulty of conforming our lives in a culture of choice.

Symphonic Faith

Dr. Tom Neal encourages us, in this new year, to resolve that our daily prayer and work conspire to make of our lives a Christ-symphony.

Coarse and Sublime: The Extraordinary Writing of Hilaire Belloc

Hillare Belloc, the famous other half of the ChesterBelloc friendship with G.K. Chesterton, was a man of his own tastes and expression. Today, Tod Worner discusses Belloc as a deeply Catholic, though at times coarse, writer for the ages.

Basil, Gregory, and the Holy Spirit

Today we celebrate the feasts of St. Basil and St. Gregory, and although both were extremely prolific, Brother Athanasius Murphy, O.P. focuses today on their early and compelling arguments that the Holy Spirit is in fact God.