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3 Simple Ways to Debunk Relativism, Skepticism, and Materialism

Three positions held by many modern thinkers fall apart into self-refutation when critically examined.

Digging My Heels Into Light: Why I Won't Leave the Church

Darkness in the Church makes one Catholic determined to work for the light.

The Irresistible Beauty That Draws Atheists to God

Beautiful music and liturgy continue to captivate a spiritually-starved secular world.

“Magic Mirror” and the Joy of Fatherhood

Two under-the-radar Christian musicians have teamed up for a beautiful meditation on fatherhood and faith.

St. Gregory and God’s Decision

It is only when our lives are in conformity with God’s will that we truly learn who we are and what we must do.

Tolkien’s Catholic Genius

Tolkien’s faith shaped him in no small part because it was not compartmentalized.

Common Penance: Why Not Restore Meatless Fridays for the US Church?

This sort of communal effort might, over time, help to restore a sense of unity and joined purpose that is badly needed right now.

The Beheading of John the Baptist

The tale of John’s terrifying demise is a chilling and perceptive account of human cruelty and cultural dysfunction.

The Son of Tears

Augustine’s “inexpressible groanings” were too profound for human words.

Bishop Barron’s Resources on the Sexual Abuse Crisis

Many people have written to us, asking for resources and commentary from Bishop Barron on the recent sexual abuse scandals involving Archbishop McCarrick and the Pennsylvania grand jury report. Here are several from Bishop Barron and the Word on Fire team, along with helpful spiritual resources to provide light during this dark period