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Atheists and the Absurdity of De-Baptism

There's a growing trend of among many atheists, who were raised in the Christian faith, to obtain "Certificates of De-Baptism." What should Catholics make of this? Brother Humbert Kilanowski, O.P. explains.

Cuts Like a Knife: The Scandal of Christ's Circumcision

Last Thursday, January 1, was the Solemnity of the Mother of God, a commemoration formerly known as the Circumcision of the Lord. Fr. Steve Grunow wonders if the Circumcision of Christ, an event so integral to the Lord's identity as an Israelite, might deserve renewed consideration.

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Prayer in the City: The Marvelous Success of Nightfever

Today Brandon Vogt interviews Fr. Brad Zamora and Megan Miller, two coordinators of Chicago's "Nightfever" movement, which has offered a fresh wave of evangelization in the Windy City.

The True King

St. Luke's subversive Christmas tale continues posing a question: which narrative do you accept? Which king do you follow? Caesar or Jesus?

Is This the End of the Christmas Season or the Beginning?

Most of our culture believes the Christmas season ends this Thursday. But for Catholics it's only the beginning. Joe Heschmeyer compares the important differences between the liturgical calendar and the secular one.

Holiday Blues

Why is it that at the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” amid preparations for the arrival of Christmas and within the onslaught of Christmas movies, a common reaction to the coming holiday is loneliness? Br. Tomás Martín Rosado explores that question.

Christ-Haunted Music: My Favorite Albums of 2014

Those with a sacramental imagination see the inrushing of grace even in the most unexpected of places. Today our resident music buff, Fr. Damien Ference, turns this view to his favorites albums from 2014.

Four Reasons I Love Being a Dad

With the recent Extraordinary Synod and next year's Ordinary Synod, both on the family, this whole year is an opportunity to focus on this basic cell of society. After six years of fatherhood and four children, Jared Zimmerer reflects on the unexpected graces he has experienced as a father.

Fr. Barron on Hobbits and Middle Earth

As the final 'Hobbit' film debuts across America today, Fr. Robert Barron shares three video commentaries related to hobbits and Middle Earth.