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St. Matthew and the Mystery and Power of Vocation

We become who we are meant to be in our response to a divine call.

Can the Crisis in the Church Lead Us to Something Wonderful?

Even the crisis in our Church may lead to something great.

And I Will Give You Rest

Tiredness kills.

Evangelization, Movement, and the Word on Fire Institute

Evangelization requires formation, community, and a radical commitment to a life centered on Christ.

Straightening Out the Golden Rule

It’s much harder to rise up from our bed of apathy and help others than it is to learn to leave other people alone.

Why Do We Exalt the Cross?

God, in Christ, allowed himself to feel what we feel—even the terror of the sense of being abandoned by God.

Catherine of Siena’s Fire Blazes Into Our Times

In an era of Church crisis, Catherine of Siena speaks as well to our times as to her own.

Join Bishop Barron for a Reddit AMA on September 19!

We have exciting news! On Wednesday, September 19 (11:00am ET / 8:00am PT), Bishop Barron will be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the #5 most-visited website in the United States: Reddit. He is the first Catholic bishop to ever host a Reddit AMA in the website’s history. If you’d like more information, you can review the five quick facts below. Otherwise, mark your calendar and join us on September 19!

Wonder-Filled Saints

In a world plunged deep in dark and divisive cynicism, it is our wonder-filled saints that keep hope alive.

I Was an Atheist Until I Read “The Lord of the Rings”

Middle-earth revealed the truth of things—and changed everything.