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Religion and Skepticism on Campus: An Interview with Bishop Barron

“Let the mind and heart go all the way, because what they want, finally, is God.”

Philip Neri, John Henry Newman, and the Idea of an Oratory

The Oratory is the fruit of Neri’s vision of the Church coming out to meet the world, and the world willingly stepping inside.

Kanye West, Jordan Peterson, and the Allure of Catholicism

Could the rapper behind “Jesus Walks” cross the Tiber?

The Art of Dialogue

Sometimes we just need to waste time with each other.

Bobby the Lion, Bobby the Lamb: What Tragedy Taught Robert Kennedy

“But then, his brother was killed. And everything changed.”

Participating in Pentecost

Every Mass is meant to be another Pentecost.

Groaning Earth Awaits Our Surrender

The earth is perfect; if we are to live in harmony with it, we too must be perfect, as Christ Jesus urged us.

“Come Sunday” and the Question of Universal Salvation

The new biopic tells the story of Pentecostal minister and megachurch founder Carlton Pearson, who came to believe that “everyone will be saved.”

Teaching Christian Culture: An Interview with John Goerke of Bishop Sullivan High School

The teacher's students recently sent an impressive video letter to Bishop Barron as part of their “senior evangelization project.”

Translating Shakespeare: or, How to Evangelize and Not Be Eaten by a Bear

Meeting people where they are today requires the fearsome, but essential, work of “translating” Christian ideas.