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Aristotle, Priests, and the Art of Preaching

Yes, Aristotle was a pagan, but you can't blame the guy for living centuries before the birth of Christ. You can, however, give him credit for laying out the basics of a good speech. Basics, Father Damian Ference argues, that every good priest ought to keep in mind—and in practice.

Frittered Away by Detail

Numerous philosophers and poets throughout the ages have written about the importance of safeguarding our time—of seeing it as something precious. Today Dr. Tom Neal offers a reflection on the importance of time and the desire to reach our goals.

Spirituality. Fashion. Resistance.

Does Christianity call for a life of resistance? Today Br. Timothy Danaher, O.P. reflects on a Washington, D.C. mural about an African Sufi sect and considers its message through a Christian lens.

The Evangelical and Pastoral Heart of St. Francis de Sales

St. Francis de Sales was one of the most well-rounded saints in Church history and played a major role in returning tens of thousands of Calvinists to the Catholic Church. Today Joe Heschmeyer recounts his accomplishments and shows how they were driven by two traits: charity and persistence.

Apologetics and the Science of Happiness

What makes us happy? Often fame and wealth are listed as the top sources of human happiness. While these facets of human flourishing are just the first steps to true happiness, today Jared Zimmerer discusses how an “apologetic of happiness” can speak directly to these life goals.

Day of Penance for the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Today the Church in the United States observes a day of penance on the 45th anniversary of the Supreme Court Decision that deprived children in their mother’s womb of a human right so foundational that its denial precipitates an unraveling of all other rights that are necessary for a civil society to ensure human flourishing. This foundational right is the right to life.

Transformation in Christ: Word on Fire Testimonies

Word on Fire exists to proclaim Jesus Christ in the culture. We are blessed as an apostolate to hear some of the incredible ways the Holy Spirit is working in the lives of those who have been engaged through our content and our ethos of evangelization. Today, we wanted to share the stories of three people who have been changed through the Gospel as presented by Bishop Barron's Word on Fire.

Convenience at the Cost of Our God-Given Freedom?

The rapid pace of technological advancements has left an indelible mark on the way we think, interact, and make decisions. Today Chris Hazell discusses this tech milieu and challenges us to consider what we do with our lives online.

More Important than Food: St. Anthony's Advice on Prayer

Today Br. Thomas Davenport, O.P. reflects on the feast of St. Anthony of Egypt, the “Father of Monks.” Although most of us are not called to follow his path into desert seclusion, his life does provide a wakeup call to the spiritual lethargy we're all tempted to drift into.

Tumbleweeds, Plagues, and Freedom

What can troublesome tumbleweeds teach us about grace? Rozann Lee, our resident rancher, explains how the relentless struggles of farming offer both terrible difficulties and tremendous grace. She reminds us that joy and freedom are not found in comfort but in the daily fidelity to God's work.