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Nothing’s the Matter with Atheistic Materialism

Atheistic materialism faces some serious problems including, paradoxically, “nothing.”

In a World of Miracles, We Can’t Look Away from Ourselves

Maybe “don’t cry, baby, don’t cry” is just another way of saying, “do not be afraid.”

Broken Signpost

God has designed his rescue plan in such a way that he refuses to bypass the disaster we have created.

Why Do People Still Love Angels?

Angels still fascinate the modern mind.

The Word on Fire Institute Is Now Open!

We want to formally invite you to join the Word on Fire Institute, a new online community for training modern evangelists to effectively proclaim Christ to the culture.

What to Expect as a Member of the Word on Fire Institute

We're almost there!

The Best Lesson Ratzinger Ever Taught Me

Pope Benedict XVI had a way of talking about love that was open and free.

Introducing the Fellows of the Word on Fire Institute

Today, we would like to introduce you to a few of our Word on Fire Institute Fellows, experts who are committed to making you a better disciple of Christ in an age of indifference, distraction, and skepticism.

The Joys of the Intellectual Life

Every new thing learned about God—however hard it may have been to learn—is one more thing to love about God.

Ancient Wisdom and Thomistic Wit

What can “Groundhog Day” and “The Matrix” tell us about moral goodness?