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The Saint Who Refused to Bow Down to Caesar

Today is the Feast of Saint Polycarp. Father Steve Grunow offers a reflection on this early Christian martyr, the political situation in Rome at the time of his life and witness, and the urgency of his message for Christians today.

Is Busyness Jeopardizing Our Souls?

What can we do to ensure our lives of busyness don’t lead to exhaustion and a loss of self? Chris Hazell suggests we must build into our lives a space for prayer and fruitful reflection.

Let the Past Die!

Today Br. Bernard Knapke, O.P. reflects on a shocking line from the latest “Star Wars” film and the importance of history in revealing our true identity.

The Elements of Rhetoric and Evangelization with Dr. Ryan Topping

Dr. Ryan Topping is Vice President and Academic Dean at Newman Theological College and the author of “The Elements of Rhetoric: How to Write and Speak Clearly and Persuasively.” Today we talk with Dr. Topping about the decline of rhetoric, the interplay between rhetoric and evangelization, and the importance of wedding truth to beauty.

What Makes Hardened Atheists Believe in God?

Almost everyone will encounter a rigid atheist at some point, and we all want to know how it is that we can participate in their conversion. Fredric Heidemann, himself a former atheist, offers four stages hardened atheists generally pass through to come to a belief in God.

Villains and Heroes Among So Much Tragedy

In the wake of the heartbreaking tragedy that occurred just a few days ago in Parkland, Florida, Jared Zimmerer offers a reflection on why so many young men turn to this kind of violence—and what we can do about it.

Mercy Is Free, But Never Cheap

Mercy, like grace, is an undeserved favor. But while it is free, Dr. Tom Neal explains, it is never cheap.

[VIDEO] Why Lent? Bishop Barron Explains

Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the liturgical season of Lent. For so many of us, it means ashes today, sacrifice for weeks, and then a big celebration at the end of it all. But why? What does it all mean? Bishop Barron explains.

How to Get Ready for Lent

We're just one day away from Lent, the penitential season when we prepare ourselves for Christ's death and resurrection. Fr. Steve Grunow offers his advice on how best to ready ourselves.

Is Life Ultimately Pointless?

What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? Today Matt Nelson discusses different responses to what philosophers have called “life's persistent questions.”