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St. John the Baptist and the Birth of a New Era

The birth of a child always represents both an end and a beginning.

The Rosary and the Crying Out of Flesh and Blood

Fulfillment lies in surrender.

Road Trips and the Journey of the Mass

The liturgy is not a task to be done, an appointment to be checked off, but a rejuvenating spiritual journey.

The Anthropology of Grief

Grief raises the mundane to the sacred.

Gloom in the Time of Oculus

Why, in the age of amazing technology like iPhones and virtual reality, do people feel so hopeless and sad?

Eat Books

Tolle, lege!

Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, and the Mysteries Before Us All

The mystery of suicide is intrinsically tied into mysteries of suffering and love.

Hammer of Heretics

St. Anthony had a zeal for truth and clarity of preaching.

Reaching the Spiritually Indifferent: An Interview With Matt Nelson

“I think we can look at religious indifference as the failure to, first, think seriously about religion and, second, to give God his due.”

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