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All Souls Day and the Shock of Death

The reality of death is not something we Christians deny, but it also does not drive us to despair.

Saints Remind Us: We Are Be-Sparked Creatures of Infinite Possibilities

All Saints Day reminds us of the saintly potential within each of us by virtue of our baptism.

It’s Time for Catholics to Embrace Halloween

As we near All Hallows Eve, aka Halloween, the walking encyclopedia that is Father Steve Grunow discusses everything you ever wanted to know about Halloween and its deeply Catholic roots.

The Visceral Reality of God’s Love

To those whose hearts are open, the cross bestows the greatest of comforts.

Absorption of Shame

In the sacrament of Reconciliation, we receive much more than we could ever imagine.

There’s No Faith Like Rome’s

The Roman Catholic Church, with all of its unique beauty and history, continues to captivate, mystify, and allure.

Can We Still “Stick Together” When It Counts?

Is there anything left that can unite a divided America?

Where Is God? The Problem of Divine Hiddenness

If God is all-loving and all-powerful, why hasn’t he shown himself to the world?

Do Not Be Overcome by Evil, But Overcome Evil with Good

During these days of trial in the Church and the world, Christians must show to the world “the quality of mercy.”

Karol Wojtyła and the Rhapsodic Theater

The theater wasn’t a physical building but an act of artistic resistance to the Communist occupation of Poland.