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The Altar of Chastity

Only God can provide an offering worthy of the altar of chastity.

What is best in life? Jesus and the Mayo Clinic Know!

The Mayo Clinic catches up to Jesus and the saints.

Pier Giorgio Frassati as a Model of Freedom

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, the man of the beatitudes, was a model of true freedom.

Dangerous Business: Bilbo and the Adventure of Family

Strange how adventures happen.

The Hydra in the Classroom

The three heads of our culture’s Hydra keeps surfacing in the classroom.

The Close Proximity of Cross and Resurrection

One minute life was great; the next minute it became a nightmare.

When There Are No Human Answers to Our Measures of Pain

In a place of utter desolation, sometimes all we can do is be silent with a suffering friend.

The Tightrope of Technology

Walking the tightrope toward fruitful technological advancement isn’t an easy feat.

The Mass as Cross and Re-presentation

Is the Mass the repeated sacrifice that leading Reformed pastors say it is?

Saint G.K. Chesterton? An Interview with Dale Ahlquist

“In an age of confusion, depression, and unbelief, he’s a writer of clarity, joy, and faith, which is exactly what we need.”