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The Cross and Crown of St. Frances of Rome

Today, Elizabeth Scalia discusses the life of today's saint, Frances of Rome, and how her selfless cooperation with grace presented her with an opportunity of growth, even though those opportunities were not what she expected or wanted.

Why You Should Crave Holy Fear

The Scriptures tell us that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” But why is this fear valuable and how do we pursue it? Dr. Tom Neal, professor of spiritual theology, shares his wisdom on this largely unappreciated gift.

Perpetua, Felicity, and the Theo-Drama

Today we celebrate two early martyrs in the Church: St. Perpetua and St. Felicity. Fr. Steve Grunow reflects on their heroic witness and how their deaths offer a window into a great mystery.

Tool’s “Right in Two”: A Reflection on Original Sin

Today, David Stavarz offers a reflection on a new song by the progressive metal band Tool, and the way in which it expresses the dark reality of man's fallen condition.

The Gospel Call to Christian Unity

The prayer of Jesus’ heart on the night before he was crucified for us was that his followers would be “perfectly one.” Today, Joe Heschmeyer discusses the state of Christian disunity in the world—and what we can do about it.

Almsgiving and How to Avoid Being a Goat

As we continue this Lenten Season, follow Rozann Lee to downtown Chicago as she attempts to take an unsteady step beyond a pair of Toms shoes and the annual Operation Rice Bowl.

Our Declining Empathy and Ability to See God

In an age of smartphones and notifications, many of us rely on our technology as a means of comfort, entertainment—even escape. But Chris Hazell argues that this reliance is causing us to miss out on one of the most important things in life: authentic connection.

The Boundaries of Authenticity

Br. Dominic Koester, O.P. offers a reflection on how good boundaries actually increase our freedom and guide us toward our authentic self.

Three Reasons Why I Wear a Crucifix

One of the paradoxes of Christianity is the fact that we hold up an instrument of torture as our sign of victory. Today, Ricky Jones discusses three reasons why he wears that sign.

“The 15:17 to Paris” Is an Uplifting Tale of Ordinary Heroes

Matthew Becklo discusses Clint Eastwood's latest film and how it serves as a spiritual invitation to meet the world’s darkness, whatever form it takes, with the light of life.