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The Weak and the Foolish

Today, Matthew Becklo reviews “Summer in the Forest,” a critically acclaimed new documentary about a community of people with disabilities and the search for what it means to be human.

When God Gives You a Leveler, Learn How to Use It!

Today, Elizabeth Scalia contemplates a spiritual tool by which we gauge whether we are balanced and centered or liable to collapse.

Cutting Down the Idol of the Nice God

Robert Mixa offers a review of Dr. Ulrich Lehner's book “God Is Not Nice,” which reintroduces Christians to the true God—not the polite, easygoing, divine therapist who doesn’t ask much of us, but the Almighty God who is unpredictable, awe-inspiring, and demands our entire lives.

God and Anne Sullivan: What I Learned from Re-Watching “The Miracle Worker”

Today, Tod Worner reflects upon the film classic “The Miracle Worker” and the profound message it contains about the human need for God's law.

Easter: The Significance of Sunday Morning

As we continue our celebration of Easter, Father Steve Grunow reflects on why authentic faith resists making the events of Easter Sunday, and the events of every Sunday morning since, into a mere symbol or metaphor.

Taking the Place of the Skull

Br. Paul Clarke, O.P. offers a reflection on Christ's victory over the powers of death, which he accomplished eternally on the cross.

Lessons from the Rabbi on the Cross

On the hill at Golgotha, what the first-century Jews saw is what is before our eyes, still: the rabbi on the cross, an immortal Beauty meant to save the world. Today, Elizabeth Scalia reflects upon the lessons of Christ's crucifixion and bids us to ponder the ways we ought to internalize them.

Scorsese, Springsteen, and the Sacrifice of Celibacy

Did Jesus ever experience the God-given and natural desire for a wife and children? Today, Fr. Damian Ference offers a reflection on the supernatural call to celibacy through the lens of the Garden of Gethsemane.

The One Thing You Need to Enter the Mysteries of Holy Week

To prepare ourselves for the coming mysteries of Holy Week, and to appreciate their meaning and understand their purpose, we need to cultivate one particular virtue. Fr. Steve Grunow shows us the way.

Four Ways to Battle the Devil as an Evangelist

In the mission of evangelization, we must be aware of the tactics of the devil to subvert our actions. Today, Fr. Billy Swan offers four tactics of the devil and how we can combat them.