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From Star Wars to Superman: An Interview with James Papandrea

Today, Jared Zimmerer sits down with James Papandrea, the author of a new book entitled, "From Star Wars to Superman: Christ Figures in Science Fiction and Superhero Films", in which he points out the Christ haunted nature of numerous films and the incredibly apt nature of the genre to portray a certain Christology.

The Pew Religious Survey No One is Talking About

Fredric Heidemann discusses a new pew study that indicates the closing gap between Protestants and Catholics and how this indication ought to be a hopeful sign of the goal of Christian unity.

St. John of the Cross' Advice on Conquering Self-Love

On this feast of St. John of the Cross, one of the Church's greatest spiritual masters, Dr. Tom Neal reflects on the saint's advice on how to conquer self-absorption. Quoting from St. John's "Dark Night of the Soul," Tom reveals the spiritually demanding path to dismantling our selfish tendencies.

The Paradox of St. Lucy

Today is the Feast of St. Lucy, a young martyr from the fourth century who chose to undergo terrible torture rather than allow anything to defile the purity of her body. Here, Rozann Lee reflects upon St. Lucy, the supernatural grace that accompanies torture and martyrdom, and what it means for us as an Advent people.

Meet The Hillbilly Thomists

When a group of Dominican friars banded together over a common love for bluegrass music, one of its founding members, Father Austin Litke, came up with a name that was impossible to top: “The Hillbilly Thomists.” Today, Matthew Becklo reviews their debut album and the evangelistically rich notes that they create.

Do Christians Meditate?

How are we supposed to mediate as Christians? Today, Br. Daniel Traceski, O.P., offers advice to all of us who want to deepen our prayer life through the ancient practice of mediation.

The Immaculate Conception and the Nightingale's Song

On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Fr. Steve Grunow examines this holy day through the lens of a traditional Spanish song that links the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary with the Incarnation of God in Christ.

St. Ambrose, Religious Belief, and Political Action

Br. Albert Thomas Dempsey, O.P. discusses St. Ambrose, a Doctor of the Church who lived a life of profound holiness, thought, and public witness.

The Danger of Talking Over Others

Communication is a foundational aspect of an authentic relationship. But, as David Stavarz points out, we must be prepared to listen, which is often uncomfortable.

Sin, Happiness, and Breaking Out of Spiritual Boredom

We're all, at times, under the spell of spiritual boredom, where sin holds us down like molasses and prevents us from moving forward in the spiritual life. What's the cure for this ill? Chris Hazell traces out an answer using wisdom from Pope Benedict XVI, Walker Percy, and other luminaries.