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Marathon Running and the Spiritual Life

Running is not just another form of exercise, but is a discipline that challenges the our whole human personhood. Seminarian David Stavarz shares the spiritual lessons he learned while training for his first half-marathon.

Books That Rocked My World: The Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins

We recently asked our writing team to consider what book, not published in the last century, has most impacted their life? Today, Holly Ordway discusses the profundity and life-changing poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Why Our Lady of Sorrows?

Today is the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. Fr. Steve Grunow reflects on this depiction of Mary and explains how it dramatically displays the Incarnation.

The Best Way To Conquer Pride

In continuing with our special behind-the-scenes views into the filming of “CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players” Volume II, here is another behind-the-scenes look in the filming on St. Benedict, as well as some thoughts on the principle virtue of the monastic life, humility.

Why Does God Exist?

Most of us know the Catechism answer to the question, why did God make you? To know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him for ever in heaven. But what about the opposite question: why does *God* himself exist? Dr. Tom Neal explores this interesting question.

Bishop Barron’s Newest Book “To Light a Fire on the Earth: Proclaiming the Gospel in a Secular Age”

We're excited to announce the coming release of Bishop Robert Barron's newest book, "To Light A Fire On The Earth"!

Dispelling the Darkness of September 11th

On this anniversary of September 11, 2001, Fr. Steve Grunow reminds us that when the world gives way to darkness, our hope is in Christ, the Divine Light, who dispels the darkness and guides us to his kingdom yet to come.

Books That Rocked My World: Blaise Pascal's “Pensées”

We recently asked our writing team to consider what book, not published in the last century, has most impacted their life? Today, Fredric Heidemann discusses the long-standing, philosophical work of Blaise Pascal.

The Cave-Dwelling Kid Who Changed The World

Today, we feature a behind-the-scenes video from the very cave where a young St. Benedict lived before starting the movement that re-civilized the Western world.

Does the Immaterial Exist?

One of the most common arguments from atheists is that matter is all that there is, and that the immaterial (God, angels, the human soul, etc.) simply doesn’t exist. Joe Heschmeyer explores the argument to see if it stands up to scrutiny.